EYMM Gives Back

As many of you may know holiday house programs are close to my heart.  As a child we were blessed to be helped by them when times were tough, and as a teen I was able to help my grandmother help others by volunteering.  Now as an adult with a family of my own I have always made a point if helping and donating as a family!  We set aside some of or Christmas budget every year and all 7 of us go shopping together for gifts to donate.  Having volunteered for years and seeing what ages are needed most we make a point of trying to get the much needed tween and teen gifts.

Tomorrow we are going shopping and would love to be able to buy a few more items!  A few items that the 3 older kids though would be good are a simple sewing machine (I have new fabric and patterns to go with it) and some generic mp3 players.  Also we would love to get more hats and gloves.  As a family we make a list of ideas, check for sales and work with our budget to get the biggest bang for our buck.

Anyway while talking about things we could do to earn more money I told the kids that for today,  Thursday Dec 18th I will donate 100% of pattern sale profits after PayPal fees towards our holiday house shopping trip tomorrow!  We will be taking our gifts directly to the holiday house coordinator so they can be put out for parents to shop from this weekend!  So if you have been thinking of trying or buying a few EYMM patterns OR a gift certificate for a sewing friend now is a perfect time for a great cause!

If you don’t need a pattern and don’t have time to shop/donate the kids are collecting money to add to our budget as well locally cash or check as well as gifts via PayPal no matter where you are.

We will post the totals this weekend as well as pictures of the kids dropping off the donations.

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