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Brother Monochrome Printer
Amazon Gold Box Deal 10/1
Brother Monochrome Printer $49.99

Whether it is coupons, .pdf patterns, ebooks, etsy invoices, shipping labels or order receipts from online purchases we print a LOT.  I have a nice HP photo printer but the ink can be pricey.  Hubby rarely prints photos so he has a cheap Brother laser printer that has been awesome.  We have been talking about getting a 2nd cheap laser printer for my computer since I do a lot of the printing & I rarely have access to his computer during the day.

Well imagine my surprise and excitement when I got an email from Amazon.com this morning that a printer, 1 model up from the one we already have, which is normally around $199 but on sale for only $49.99!    The one we have he paid $80 for it so we were excited to see this & ordered right away.  It even comes with a starter toner cartridge that will print about 700 pages.  The toner cartridges are about $40 to replace but it prints about 2,600 pages which lasts us MUCH longer then the ink jet cartridges & still works out to be cheaper then even getting my HP ones refilled at Costco.  The drum on this printer will last about 12,000 pages… our current Brother is going on it’s 4th year of ownership & we are still very happy with it.

So if you are looking for an affordable B&W printer that uses toner cartridges hop over to amazon & take a look.  You have to order it through the link on the Gold Box Deals to get the $49.99 with free prime shipping (if you have a prime account, not sure of the shipping costs without).  Otherwise it will take you to 3rd party sellers offering it for $80+


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