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So the last few months while I was in the land of baby bliss this great new site came about called Pinterest.  For any type of artist (or those who just love to shop!) it is a great tool for inspiration!  You set up categories & as you surf the web you pin things to the groups they fit into.  It’s a virtual peg board of never ending ideas.

Though I am just starting to gather inspiration on my boards I can see why so many of my friends have become quickly addicted!!!  I love that it shows pictures of everything so you know exactly what you are looking at.

Currently it is invite only, either get an invite from a friend our you can request an invite on their main page.  My invite came in just a few hours!  Once you get your account set you can always follow friends, family, anyone!  I am just starting to build my boards here, feel free to follow me if you would like.  Here are few great space ideas I found for my sewing room already thanks to some of the others I am following!

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  1. Lynda M O
    | Reply

    Piquing my curiosity; may look into it. Love the sewing room p ics you have posted; always looking for ideas for my space too. Thanks.

  2. April Christmas
    | Reply

    After reading this I went over there and check it out. I am so addicted! Thanks!

  3. Cassandra
    | Reply

    How can we find you on pinterest?

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