It pays to know your fabric types!

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For many reasons actually but today it paid because I ended up with a great deal on some of my favorite fabric because of it :).

Right now they have their ‘Sew Classic’ knit interlock solids 30% off… normally $8.99 making them $6.29. I went in looking, hoping I might find something stretchy yet thick enough to make this wrapless wrap (it’s like a mobi wrap/pouch sling hybrid which is PERFECT for me cause I hate long wraps & love pouch slings!) I have been drooling over, but as I thought the interlock was NOT what I wanted… well I as feel all the colors (because I am just weird like that) I notice the black feels different? I pull it out and it had the same label as the rest,  saying it’s a cotton/poly blend but it feels EXACTLY like the thick 94% cotton/6% spandex blend that I LOVE for the twins leggings & was hoping to find for this sling/wrap.

So when I took it to the cutting table I mentioned that I thought it was miss labeled & she was impressed that I knew my fabrics so well. But she said since that was how it was labeled that was how they would sell it for! SO I got some yummy cotton/spandex fabric that they normally sell for $14.99 in the swimsuit fabric section for $6.29 a yard PLUS there was a full yard remnant at half price & a 10% coupon on sale items. SO in the end I got 4 yards of it for $19.81 or $4.95 a yard!!!!!  There is another place that carries a different brand of the same blend locally for $9.99 a yard but they rarely get more of the basic colors in.

Anyway I was super excited so I had to share!  Knowing your fabric content by feel can pay off :).

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  1. Brittany Dunlap
    | Reply

    How did you end up make this wrapless wrap? Did you buy a pattern or just figure it out?

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I just figured it out. I did take pictures, for a tutorial, but I have to find the memory card.

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