Everything Your Mama Made & More! Blog’s 3rd B-day!

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Today marks this blog’s 3rd birthday :).  As crazy as it seems 3 years ago today I started out with my first post, a small idea & no idea what it would turn into!  Each year traffic growing… 130,318 hits the first year, 505,064 the next & 703,136 in the last year.  So 344 posts,  1,338,000 + blog hits now totaling nearly 2000+ hits daily,  it just doesn’t seem real!

I started blogging simply as a way to easily share my crafty projects with the multiple forums and groups I belong to as well as friends & family.  Then I started adding things here & there and next thing you know I have 200+ people that actually subscribe to read what I have to say!  I have to thank all my readers… if you hadn’t been here to read, leave comments & ask questions I would have problem flaked out like I did on my private family blog.  You give me the encouragement to keep on blogging, THANK YOU!!!!

As the years have come & gone I have seen this little project grow… now I look forward to making & doing more with it!  This coming year will be crazy & hectic with lots of changes around our house, but I look forward to sharing them with my readers & hopefully starting to do some even bigger things including drafting my own .pdf patterns to sell online.  I have wanted to do it for a while and it’s still in neutral, so we will see where it goes, but that process should bring about LOTS of sewing to share with my readers.

I hope your Christmas or other holidays went well and have a safe & happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Angie
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    So excited for you. I love your blog and enjoy reading. Happy Anniversary!! =) Keep up the great work!


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