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What is a mama to do when she wants to shop all the amazing Labor Day sales but is on a fabric diet?  By some baby clothes of course :).  I do plan on sewing some, but honestly with all the other things I want to make the clothes are on the bottom of the list.  Plus when I shop good sales, I can’t get the nice fabric to make them this cheap!

One of my favorite brands for newborns is Carter’s.  The quality is good & they have a pretty good selection… so the last few days I have had a little bit of fun!  The outlet is having a great sale, all clearance is an additional 30% off plus at the register you get 20% off your total purchase.  Most of this stuff I paid less then walmart prices for my nicer quality stuff plus I can resell it when he out grows it.  All but the 2 Osh Kosh items are Carters & I put where they came from after the price, if no store is listed then it came from the Carter’s outlet.

I also have 2 more Carter’s t-shirts that I got for $3.35, some Osh Kosh shortalls I got for $4.78 and a few random store brand items as well as a pile from The Children’s Place of 3-6m summer stuff that I got for $1.59 each! It also appears that my hubby likes to shop for baby clothes too!  I should free of the shopping bug for a little while, and with the small pile of used stuff I have gotten at garage sales this summer it’s a pretty good start!


$8.50 (Fred Myer)


$6.49 (Costco)

$6.80 each

$14.99 (Sears)


$7.99 (Ross)

$5.19 (Kohl’s)

$12.00 (Sears)


$9.75 (Kohls)


$3.35 each

$8.00 (Osh Kosh)

$10.40 (Osh Kosh)

$9.99 (Ross)

$3.19 each (Fred Myers)


$4.78 (Fred Myer)





$3.19 (Fred Myers)

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    Looks like a great selection. My mom thinks i am silly too !~!

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