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I am just one of those people that needs to keep going most of the time!  When I get flustered I need to go do something, not sit around and keep thinking about it.  If you follow me on Facebook you will often here me mention that I am off to the thrift store, not to shop though :).

When left my ex and we had to split custody of the kids I was okay with it in the sense that he loves them & they need the time with him, but it took some adjusting to having alone time!  I tried to fill it with sewing, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

So I decided to try out one of the things I loved doing before I had lots of kids, volunteering!

For the past few years I have been volunteering a few hours a week at a small local thrift store while the kids are at their dads, preschool or while then nap (hubby works from home).  During the holidays I didn’t get to do it much & honestly the store wasn’t getting many kids clothes donations (I am in charge of their kids clothes & help with toys & crafts).  Well the last few days instead of sewing like mad I took a break & went and got to work!  The donations had been so sparse that the rack was literally just about empty!  Thanks to donations in the last week & one awesome lady who donated about 1/2 of this I was able to completely pack our kids clothing rack for the first time in months!  And for one of the first times since I started doing this is is with NICE, CLEAN clothes.  Not the usual play clothes or 30 year old clean out the attic stuff either.

I am the most excited because I know we have people who really need this stuff that are constantly in looking & asking if we have anything.  Seeing the look on an excited parents face when they find a bunch of nice clothes that fit for a good price makes my day, especially when I personally know some of them are going through very rough times right now!

I just wanted to share and say THANK YOU to all those people who donate their children’s clothes that still have lots of life left in them!

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  1. Lorissa
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    That’s so wonderful!! I have volunteered for a long time, and I know what you mean about donations. You have such a good heart Kymy! If you haven’t already, please direct any families in need to the free clothing swap at the VFW. If they dont’ have anything to swap it’s ok too. It’s on March 6.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Unfortunately most of the people I know that shop at this store won’t make the drive for that! I will have to this time though because I need some pants that fit!!! I have been meaning to ask Amy when she was organizing the next one!

  2. Max California
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    You’re amazing. I love going op-shopping, but I often don’t donate because I figure they have enough stuff, and I feel like I should be recycling my clothing and making it into something else.

    Well of course I have too many boxes of things I will probably never remake, or things I have made that I just didn’t like. I definitely will donate them now!

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