Just a few hours until the Stash Game :)

If you have followed my blog for long you know that my favorite sewing forum has a game twice a year called ‘Stash Game’.  The whole point of the game is to STOP buying fabric & sew-up as much as you can!  If you saw my last post you  know that it’s good timing for me because I have a whole lotta fabric!  Anyways the game starts at 12:01 local time… which since I am in WA gives me just over 1.5hrs to go!    Yes I stay up late to sew because I am WAY to excited not to.

Anyways one of the hardest things the week before is the urge NOT to sew… so what do we do instead?  Get ready!  I managed to get sewing room cleaned up a day early so most of the day if I wasn’t playing with the kids I was post the twins clothes for sale.  These last few hours though I have been getting serious… printing, tracing & cutting out patterns(or pulling out my favs) and then picking fabrics out to go with them.  I have a lot of other stuff planned, but this is enough to get me started.  I have some dresses planned as well as some baby gifts.  And you see all those aqua’s & purples?  Those are bunches of cuts of Disney Fairies fabric I bought to make the twins some bedding!

Well I am off to get something to eat & watch some TV with B before I start cutting stuff out (no cutting or sewing until after 12:01!)  There will probably be some pictures for you to check out in the morning :).

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  1. Max California
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    I can’t believe I only JUST missed this. It looked like SO MUCH FUN

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