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Even though I haven’t had a ton of time to sew & blog my self I try to pop into my favorite blogs once in a while.  The other day I went to visit one of my favorite fabric designers Paula Prass and her blog Show & Tell.  She had a giveaway… to enter you just had to share your funny summer story!  I didn’t find it until after the giveaway was done, but I still decided to share my story & wanted to share it with you guys too!
We have had an unusually nice & hot week of weather around the 4th… normally we have rain in WA.  Anyways since it was almost 90 out we set out the pool for the kiddos so they could play while all the adults sat & chat.

My son is almost 4 & my ID twin daughters just turned 2.  Well after about 20 minutes of playing my son tells us he needs to go potty… well since it was a small pool I wasn’t gonna tell him to pee in it, but I didn’t want him making a wet mess all over the house… he is a boy so, I told him to go pee on the bamboo bush.  Being an almost 4 yr old little boy he had is shorts at his ankles & was ‘watering’ it before I could finish talking.

Well the twins are starting to potty train as well are just interested in everything… so Baylie walks over to her brother & asks ‘What you doin’ Nander?’ He replied ‘peeing on the bush’ then she asked ‘why?’ and Zander responded ‘I gotta pee’ which was apparently enough to satisfy her & she returned to the pool.

Well about 20 minutes later I notice her grabbing at her self…  since the twins had both pooped already that day I hadn’t put a swim diaper on so I asked if she had to go potty!

As soon as she heard the word ‘potty’ she was out of the pool & standing in front of the bamboo… ‘I potty’.  I started laughing & said ‘sweety, girls don’t pee on stuff, they don’t have a wee wee, girls have to stick to peeing in the potty, lets go use the potty inside’ which was answered with stomping little feet, a shaking head & ‘no I potty’ while taking turns between pointing at the bamboo & looking down trying to figure out how the heck he did it.

She was so determined… it was so cute & funny we all laughed about it for the rest of the night!

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