My sick little Baylie!

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Well after my exciting post the other day I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting with Baylie watching Mickey as she had a low grade fever that was rising, even with Motrin.  Well at 9:30 that night, 2-4hrs before it was time for another dose or some Tylenol her temp jumped to fast & caused her to have a febrile seizure.  Luckily it lasted less then 30 secs & only took a minute to get her to focus again.  Even though I KNEW what was happening & stayed relatively calm it was still one of the scariest things I have seen, that’s my BABY!

Once she came too I got a hold of the on call ped who said I should take her to the ER just to make sure its not a bacterial infection that is causing the fever.  So at 10:30 at night Zander & Carlie got to go to dads so I could bring Baylie to the ER.  The nurses & docs were nice, they checked her over did an x-ray & determined that it was something viral, because they couldn’t find any other signs or symptoms & if I notice any changes take her to the ped.

Well Thursday afternoon she went to see her dad for 30 minutes & came back with a small blister like spot on her leg… so off to the ped we went!  The blister was just a large bug bite from dads yard, but the ped Dr. Bob (my dr as a kid 🙂 ) noticed that the glands behind her ears had started to swell which is a sign of roseola AND he had seen a few cases recently.  Funny thing is on the way home from the ER that night at 1am that’s what I was thinking about… a virus with a fever & nothing else!   Anyways it’s good to know what we are up against & it’s a matter of just managing the fever for 1-3 days (we are 1/2 way though day 3!) and then she will have a rash most likely for a week or so.  And Carlie is the only one we  have to worry about getting it since it’s something that is most common between 6-24 months & rare after 4, plus I think Zander already had it.

Anyways shes still not feeling great, but I let her Motrin run out by 1 hour this morning to see how her body is doing since she didn’t feel super hot… & its back down to 100.6 with out  any medicine which is great since when she had the seizure it was up to 103 WITH medicine & had been 102.8 yesterday with the medicine still.  Anyways I gave her some Tylenol this morning & her temp is 98.6 with that, so I am thinking that her fever is working on going away thank goodness!

Anyways I think Mickey is just about over, so she is gonna want me by her side… I just hope she starts feeling better soon!

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  1. Rebecca
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    I am so sorry to hear about your little gal! I hope she feels totally better soon, and that it wasn’t something more serious!!!

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