My Babies are 2!

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So 2 years ago yesterday my baby girls arrived 5 weeks early at 5lbs 11oz & 5lb 9oz. Besides a touch of jaundice they were perfectly healthy & spent no time in the NICU. Just a few hours holding hands under the belly lamp!

Last year they at this time they had grown a lot, but still looked like my little babies.

This was taken a few days ago, my babies are little girls now!!!!

I don’t remember looking at my son & seeing a little boy until around his 3rd b-day… my little girls are growing up to fast!!!!

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  1. Hannah
    | Reply

    I feel the same way about our girls! I had to comment because we bought those exact dresses for our girls this year! Good taste!

  2. jimaiemarie
    | Reply

    there hair is just beautiful, what cute baby girls!!

  3. jimaiemarie
    | Reply

    their hair is just beautiful, what cute baby girls!!

  4. Hollie Fike
    | Reply

    They are beautiful…Happy Birthday..

  5. imanmom
    | Reply

    cute little twins…

  6. Michele
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Oh my word they are beautiful and I absolutely adore the second photo when they were infants…it looks like they are blocking out the noise….adorable! My Little Em just turned 2 as well!

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