Long Time No BLOG!

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I can’t believe it has been over a MONTH since I last posted on my blog!  Life has been busy around here & it seems I just haven’t had the extra time in the evenings to blog.  Anyway I am working on getting back into a routine & should be posting again soon.  I have TONS to catch up on starting as far back as our 2 week snow in right before Christmas.

Not only do I have holiday stuff to share, but I also have some new patterns & tutoirals to share soon!  I haven’t gotten to really sew lately but have been working on a few of the patterns I started FOREVER ago.

What am I doing with my extra time if I am not sewing or on the computer?  Well I have started volunteering for a local thrift shop that helps support the local animal shelter.  I go in for 3 to 7 hours 2 days a week when the kiddos are at their dads house.  I am a social person… and since I had my son I went from working ALL the time in retail to a SAHM.  Do get me wrong I LOVE being able to be a SAHM & treasure the time I have with my kids, but it took me a while to realize that I had lost a little part of myself.  I looked for a part time job in retail for a while because I would love to get out a little bit & would have loved a little extra money, but with the economy being so bad there are SO many people looking for full time jobs that the places that haven’t gone out of business are looking for them.  Most of the small businesses that would hire someone part time around here closed shop last month or will be this month.

So I decided to talk to my aunt Ampie about volunteering at the thrift store she works at.  Volunteering for even just a few hours made SUCH a difference in how I feel… I got that little piece of me back!  It’s a double edged sword… I miss my kids when they visit their dad, but it has given me an opportunity to do something with myself again!

Anyways I just wanted to pop in & give everyone an update.  I know I have been MIA for a while.  I promise I will be back at it soon!

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