3 more down, 5 to go!

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Well last night I got into one of those moods…  I was going to get some stuff CLEAN!  I dealt with the kids rooms first, which once I put all the toys away I realized they all easily fit in the toy boxes which was a pleasent suprise :).  It really helps that Zander, even at only 3.5, is able to properly clean his room.  He is SUCH a big helper!

So after that I decided to tackle my room… well mostly my laundry!  During my weightloss journey I have worn a lot of different sizes, and now a lot of the clothes simply don’t fit me and some how all these different sizes got all mixed up, which makes for quite the mess when I am looking for something that fits.  So I spent 2 hours trying stuff on, sorting it and finally taking care of it.  In the end I have 3 of the smaller white trash bags of clothes I need to try & sell.  If I had the time I did pre-kids I would ebay most of it… it’s almost all name brand & a lot of it is like new & a lot of jeans would easily fetch $10-$20 a pair.  Hopefully someone needing some new clothes or wanting to ebay them their selves will see my craigslist post and come & get them!  My closet looks so nice again, it feels good!

My dresser top is already clean as well as the nightstand tops, and the only thing under the bed are totes with sheets & one of the girls changing tables that will be sold soon.  I HATE when junk gets under the bed!  Anyways all that was really left to do was go through the nightstand drawers.  The funny thing was 95% of the stuff wasn’t mine… B hadn’t cleaned them out when I moved in so they were full of random stuff, mostly candy, instruction manuals, paperwork & tools.  Anyways 30 minutes & the bathroom trash can full later I was DONE!  All I had to do was clean the dust off the window seal & vacuum & yet another CLEAN room.

Progress feels GREAT!  I have cleaned half the rooms in the house & they are staying clean.  At the same time I also know that they were the 5 easiest rooms to clean!  3 of the 5 rooms left should be easy enough… the livingroom & laundry room should both be able to be finished in one day, mostly because the laundry is TINY & the livingroom is picked up daily.  The kitchen is actually pretty clean, again because I try to clean it daily, but it seriously needs to be reorganized which will be a day long process on its own.  Then there are the 2 rooms I fear… the dining room & the office/sewing room.  But I WILL get there!

I may tackle the laundry room & livingroom today, but first I have to take care of all the laundry I washed last night.  Like I said, when I clean my house the dirty laundry seems to be hiding EVERYWHERE!  Maybe then I will get to some sewing, nothing is better then rewarding myself for cleaning with a little sewing time :).

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