I can’t believe they are this big!

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Well I did it… I bought my baby girls big girl underpants!!!  I know, most of you reading my blog are thinking, why didn’t you just make them?  I will, but right now I just don’t have the time to make a bunch & they have started showing some serious interest in potty training.

As any of you with skinny kids that start showing interest in potty training pretty early it can be a major headache to find small enough underwear… & if you don’t have the proper sewing supplies & skills they can be a pain to make IF you can find a pattern that fits.  Besides EC training pants that run $8+ a PAIR most peoples options are the gerber ones that come in sizes 18m & up or regular underwear that start at 2T/3T & up.  My son who now fits into most 2t/3t underwear can still wear the Gerber 18m training pants!  That isn’t going to work for my 17.5m old twins that are a 12-18m in length & JUST got to a 6-12m in width.  Then I remembered… when Zander started at 15m the only ones that fit were from Gymboree!

So I dug through my pile of coupons & off we went.  I will be the first to say they aren’t cheap!  Unfortunately the girls underwear in the 2t/3t size almost never make it to clearance & sell out online right away.  So if you get them in sets of 3 they are 3 for $12 & if you luck out you can get 20% off coupons sometimes.  I think I paid $3.11 per pair for the girls… they are normally $4.50 each.  But its better then $8+ for the EC training pants or paying $2 a pair for the ones at walmart or target (the pack that is 3 for $5.98 or something) that will NOT stay up.

Anyways we tried them on & the girls LOVED them.  They ran around with big grins on their faces & were so proud. They are a little baggy, but they actually stay up which is more then I can say about other brands. Now I need to buy another toddler seat for our other toilet & 2 little potty seats so we can get this going into full gear.

I just can’t believe I bought underwear for my BABIES!!!!  They are growing up WAY to fast.

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  1. Danielle
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    My two year old son decided he wanted to potty train this week. And he is definitely tall and skinny too. I got these training pants from target that are a little extra padded in crotch “just in case”. They aren’t anywhere near as cute as the underpants you got your girls but they work and were relatively cheap. I have to admit that I can’t remember how much they were since I bought them a few months ago for our first attempt.

  2. Kymy
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    Danielle, those are the same or simular to the Gerber ones & my girls just swim in them. I think the ones like you are talking about are $6 for a 3 pack… which is still $2 a piece & they won’t fit my girls. That being said if they fit your kiddos they are great for potty training.

  3. Angi Herbison
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    Have you tried Big Lots for underwear? I get my boys underwear there, they call it the underwear store. They have 2t and up and I’ve gotten Happy Feet, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, etc there. They have 3 pack of briefs for $2 or 2 pack of boxer briefs for $2. Best deal I’ve seen. Not sure if they have girls in those sizes but it would be good for Zander, plus I think the sizes run small compared to other brands.

  4. Kymy
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    Angi last time I was there I saw them but all they had was 4 & up. If you are there & see any boys 2t/3t pick me up a couple packs & I can come pick them up or have my friend in Everett stop by & give you the money for them. Those are the same ones they sell at places like walmart & target… so its a great price, but they still don’t fit my skinny minnys 🙁 until they are almost 3.

  5. Melonee
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    With teeny tiny Chloe, I had the best luck with the cheapo character panties from Target/Walmart… they were the only kind (even Gymbo did) that didn’t sag on her tushy! I think it was because they shrink up in the wash whereas the Gymbo ones are preshrunk.

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