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So after nearly 2 months of a sewing slump & tons of silly mistakes I finally finished SOMETHING!!!!

Back in the first week of Oct we got the monthly preschool calendar… I noticed that Halloween week they would be talking about imagination & play with the dress-up box.  I decided to ask the teacher if they could use anything in particular for it & she said they could really use some boy stuff!

So I decided to use a bit of the of fleece I have to make up a few superhero sets.  I didn’t have any Velcro & we no longer have a fabric shop (only a quilt shop that is strictly fabric, thread, bias tape & quilting patterns) so I had to use bias tape that I had on hand for ties instead but I plan to fix them next week when they won’t need them those days.

The cape itself is just a piece of white fleece… then I cut out the letters & masks from sheets of felt.  The letters I just appliqued on stitching a 1/4″ from the edge of the letter.  Then I put the bias tape on the neck!  For the masks I just made a small slit on each side & used a piece of elastic thread tied onto it to keep it on.  I will try to post a tutorial on my blog later this week.

The funny thing is I just did ABC in primary colors for preschool… well they are also the first letters of my kids names!  I tried them on & all 3 of them LOVED them and were ‘flying’ around the house doing superhero stuff.  So I will be making more this weekend!

Anyways here ya go, I could only get Zander (A for Alexander) to stay still long enough for pictures.  I also took a pic of all 3 of them together.

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  1. karen dishion
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    Can’t seem to find your e-mail address. Want to send you a couple of pictures of the leg warmers I made from your instructions. My granddaughter sent me your address for the tutotorial of them. I had fun and they are adorable on her 3 yr old and 9 month old girls. I sew constantly and love your blog and ideas. I will try the capes next. Have been sewing & serging for over 60 yrs. and still love it. Lots of luck to you and hope you have a wonderful 2009 !!
    Great Granny Kee

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