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My very first EM mama to be featured is Kristi Whitener, she is the owner & designer at The Tutu Closet. She makes great affordable tutus perfect for any little princess!  This is one of those crafts that I know who to do but for the price & time Kristi’s tutu’s are such a good deal that I rather buy them!  She offers TONS of extras to customize your tutus & also takes custom/special orders.  Below is some pictures of Kristi’s work, some info from our interview and links of course :).  Click on any of the pictures & it will take you to that part of her store.

Hi, my name is Kristi Whitener, owner of The Tutu Closet and have been making tutu’s for almost 2 years. I love to create tutus of all shapes, sizes & colors. I’m really into layered looks right now and can’t get enough of them! I love every single order that I get, from the simple & classic to the most blinged out creative mix you can imagine. I also love making pillowcase dresses & headscarves but I haven’t had time to work on those in several months.

I bet your probably wondering how I got started?  A very nice lady from China contacted me through ebay and asked me if I had ever considered making tutus. I was only selling the dresses at that time. It was almost like a light bulb went off above my head. I practiced making them and my girls reaped the benefits of my mistakes. They loved every minute of it. They’re so used to seeing them now that they barely give them a second look. Occasionally they will see one that really catches their eye. It makes me feel so good to hear them “OOUUU and AAHHH” over them. As I have gained experience I have learned to adapt . I’ve made hundreds of tutus and modify my methods with each order. They are all so individual that it would be impossible for me to make a complete duplicate of any of them. I love that they are all “one of a kind”.

The tutu business is extremely seasonal and has its ups and downs. This is my second year in the “tutu season” and have noticed a huge trend month to month. From November to June, I will average about 5-8 a month and then when July comes BAM, tutu season begins. I anticipated that it was going to be the same this year as last and thank the good Lord it has been. I am averaging 1-3 orders daily and have a waiting period of 2 weeks until the middle of October. The orders will slow down at that time but hopefully I will still have some last minute Halloween orders.

It isn’t easy sometimes to find the time to be creative, motivated & productive. My husband re-did our flooring downstairs recently and it threw me for a major loop. He gutted my work space! So, needless to say, it’s challenging at times. I work when the girls sleep or if I know they won’t need me for a bit.

One thing I can say is that my girls have picked up a lot from me.  They are always pretending to shop for tulle! It’s hilarious really. It makes me stop and think about how much they are paying attention to my every move. They love art stuff and color or paint daily. Its kind neat to know that I inspire them.  That being said if I had boys instead of girls, I never would have given the little dresses or tutus a second thought. They are my ultimate inspiration.

Looking for a deal?  each month I post a ‘Tutu of the Month’ special in my store.  Its generally a % discount off a seasonal tutu special for that month sometimes including shipping discounts, so please make sure to check in often!  Septembers Tutu of the Month is WITCHY You choose the color(s) you would like mixed with black!  Perfect for Halloween.. which is gonna be here before you know it.  Click on the picture below to go directly to the Witchy Witch Tutu in The Tutu Closet.  Discounts have already been applied, no need to find a code!

If anyone has questions, comments or any tutu needs please contact me anytime. My business email is: and my store url is: Browse around and please let me know if you have any questions. My motto is: “There is a Princess in EVERY girl!” and I believe there is ALWAYS an occasion for a tutu, young or old, big or small!

Here are some others specially tutu’s Kristi has made, simply click the picture to be directed to that part of the store.  There are a lot more offered as well as special orders, so make sure to check out her store!

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  1. Mel
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    Great feature! Every girl loves a tutu!

  2. Summer
    | Reply

    Kristi’s tutus are very well crafted! She puts her heart into each one and makes sure each customer is satisfied!

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