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Like every spring this year my inner ‘green thumb’ started to get excited.  Spring seemed to come earlier so I actually started PLANTING stuff.  Well then the lovely northwest weather threw us a curve ball with lots of late frost 🙁 .  But after lots of lost starters I broke down & went & got some tomato plants from the local nursery.  Anyways we The last few weeks the front on my house has really looked nice!  I have Day, Tiger & Calla Lilies in bloom as well as TONS of gladiolus!  To top it off our poor sickly rose that is the lone survivor of the old flower bed that has been dominate finally got 3 wonderful blooms!

Today I went to dead head & cut some flowers and it reminded me how much I enjoy gardening!  Growing up we were always visiting my grandmas greenhouse so we were around fresh flowers & veggies all the time.  Anyways I didn’t take pictures of everything, but I did take some pictures of some of the gladiolus & roses I cut as well as some tomatoes that I picked 🙂  they aren’t quite ripe yet, but I was afraid they were going to start rotting if not, so they are ripening in the window seal as we speak.  The tomato plants are going crazy, & in the next month I am going to have to get busy cooking & canning!

Like usual enough talk, time for some pictures!




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  1. Kim
    | Reply

    Beautiful gladiolas! Yummy tomatoes! Both are beautiful!

  2. Angela
    | Reply

    The flowers are beautiful! My husband and I have a garden and lately some of our tomatoes are rotting. We need to pull them earlier as well.

    We also have zucchini (sp).

    It’s nice to have something that we have grown.


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