Christmas in July!

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I know that this may make some of you sick, but yes there is less then 6 months ’til Christmas & the holiday season & I am already thinking about gifts!  I have always put a lot of thought into gifts & never worried about ‘spending enough’ on people.  Seriously its the thought that counts, and its definitely not just about presents.  Anyways I have always started finding stuff here & there on sale in the summer because I have a large family.  But this year I am gonna aim that all non-santa gifts are made by me… or at least that’s my plan 😛 While the kiddos are young & believe in santa I am gonna hold back on the mama made santa gifts.

SO I have decided to drag my blog readers with as I celebrate Christmas in July!  I know that this is a complaint I see on forums & blogs often… I had big plans BUT…  The biggest problem is most people (I am EXTREMELY guilty of this) wait until after Thanksgiving to really get to it & there just isn’t enough time!  So bare with me & my crazy holiday excitement & see if I can help you out too!

Through out the months I will be posting tasks, activities & project ideas.  At the end of the month I will put all ideas & links to tutorials in my final post.

If you have any tutorial or free pattern links you would like to share email me & I can share them on the big list of great gift ideas!

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  1. Sharon Peralta
    | Reply

    My name is Sharon. I live in Wisconsin, but I am a Bears fan. Makes for an interesting football season. My husband is a Raiders fan. I need help. I finally found some Chicago Bears material. I want to make myself a tank top or some kind of shirt, but I can’t find a pattern that would look good on me. Can anyone out there help? A pattern or instructions, maybe. Thank you.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      It really depends on the fabric & your shape. One of my favorite things to do is to use a shirt I already have in a similar type of fabric (same type of drape & stretch) and trace all the peices ass best I can and recreate it.

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