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Planning where & when to fill up can help you save a lot of cash!  Often times with-in a mile or two the price in gas can vary easily up to .27 a gallon!  I know there are a ton of these tools available on the web, but most rely on individual customers to update the info…  well that means often times its not updated often enough or has inaccurate info.  Anyways MSN has a tool on their site now that is update by the actual GAS stations every night!  Not all stations participate… & if the price goes up in the middle of the day its not up to date by the hour, but still a neat & very helpful tool.  If you plan your fill ups out this can really help you save money!

Gas Prices ~ MSN Autos

Buy planning out when & where I fill up I pay .26 LESS a gallon for gas then my local station.  I fill up about 2-4 times a month.  I have a 16 gallon tank & save $4.16 on each tank of gas… which saves me $8.32-$16.64 a month… or $99.84 to 199.68 a year & I don’t commute to work!    For someone who commutes to work, has a car that doesn’t get great gas mileage, or simply drives a lot this can help you save even more money each month.  Anyways I just thought I would share!

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