Bundle UP Sale Women’s Edition is LIVE!

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~Build A Better Bundle~
Bundle UP sale is LIVE!

One week only, June 20th-27th 2014


The first Bundle UP for girls was a HUGE success.  So much so everyone was asking when we would do the next one before the first one was even over!  Due to popular request this second bundle is a Women’s Edition.  Yes that’s right, all 12 patterns are for YOU, 10 of the 12 being brand new exclusive patterns that you can’t buy individually in shops until mid July. You must purchase a minimum of 6 patterns to receive patterns through the bundle.

So what is Bundle Up!?  It is a collection of seasonal patterns and you can choose your bundle size (6-12 patterns) AND which patterns are included.  It’s a fully customized bundle so you don’t have to buy patterns you already have to get a good deal on new ones you want.  Not only that but 10 of the patterns are BRAND NEW!  There are so many great mix and match pieces you can literally sew and entire summer wardrobe from them.

The patterns included will be 40-60% off starting at just $4.50 each when you buy a bundle of 6 and the more you buy the more you will save.  This time EYMM got to submit not just one, but two women’s patterns!  Both the women’s Calla Lily Skirt & Four Seasons Cardigan & Duster include sizes XS-5X including maternity, as well as multiple options, all in one pattern.  They are modern and trendy styles that are practical wardrobe staples are still comfortable.

Check out ALL the bundle pattern sketches below and hop on over for more details and  build YOUR better bundle.


ENTER TO WIN!  Check out the great contest over at Pattern Revolution.  Enter to win one of two amazing prize packs, and extra Sewing Bee entries for sharing finished projects from the bundle ;).  They are giving away a brand new Brother serger as well as $150 in Girl Charlee gift cards and 2 sets of the Boy’s Edition coming up in August.


Now what about these 2 patterns from EYMM?  Here are a few pictures, more details can be found on the bundle up site and they will both be in the EYMM shop individually at their full $9.95 price on July 10th.

10395189_10152423916293077_4781511012057750130_n 10303731_10152452118051950_5181258686451632568_n 10373634_10103747617680940_5206988041230063791_n 10419559_10154219715520475_4185100264359243483_n 10300503_10203792489357338_997082574640390030_n 10277655_10204242394682303_2772662539525213775_n 10446489_10204181225198720_7315017439658436429_n 10436189_10101443331349328_8310226214263792062_n (1) 10357468_10101443330970088_6268957603202753630_n 10441104_10203243613310126_5151735554510134222_n 10314035_10202308796785737_5665409820045219612_n 10457894_10202308796545731_966116022415451294_n 10441326_10154232515450475_2799817448181566972_n 10305412_10152094964050764_8470663908906613053_n 10459926_10204108138123652_2066257377246375809_n 10336846_10204108138203654_1854268321487516587_n (1) 10309410_10152469766589666_257278744478078814_n 10441020_10152469605484666_3720041354537545571_n 10425111_10203264618072096_289764228872130376_n 10350439_10203264616872066_2774481498475777206_n 10457180_877501085610489_3720265516927588474_n 10371599_10204093272072010_5078748274664905988_n (1) 10376168_10152493923072792_87167917174283671_n Lily Cover 10313361_10152073731241431_4855310217276440756_n 10444774_10152387878941480_2801173285702155218_n 10371754_10152387878031480_2675735803705277567_n 10436194_10152463107834666_8202592790851157767_n (1) 10375897_10152489308577792_7314376905262753344_n 10390427_10103747621308670_1078814819891447160_n 10295771_10152423916278077_462639344608456681_n

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