Zulily ‘National Sewing Machine Day’ Sale!

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I will be honest I have NO CLUE if it is truly ‘a day’, but for us crafters it might as well be!  The sale itself won’t go live until 6am PST I believe, so they haven’t announced anything about what is included, but this is the teaser they have up…

zulily sew sale

They have a variety of stuff listed and I heard from a little birdie that a few of the items come from one of my favorite pattern AND fabric designers, Patty Young/Mod Kid.

One thing to keep in mind is the shipping is slow (they tell you how slow on each item) and unless it arrives damaged all sales are final.  This is how they keep prices low.

I have been buying shoes from them for years and have been excited to see them bring in more made in the USA products including from small shops on sites like Etsy!

So go check it out!  Their sales tend to sell out fast.

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  1. Jill A
    | Reply

    Fabric Stache sent me <3

  2. Misty Dorman
    | Reply

    Found your website through Fabric Stache. Can’t wait to check out this sale now!

  3. Katie Shesko
    | Reply

    Fabric Stache sent me! Definitely following now!

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