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While this hasn’t been my busiest blog year I have to say I am so excited to see how things have come along!  This year started out differently then I had expected at the beginning of the previous year…  our surprise #5 was still a tiny little thing and I savored every moment of it!  Off all the things & my kids she has changed the most noticeably… my sweet little infant is now a running, climbing opinionated toddler! lol

One of my favorite pictures ever from January 2013!  Mama was tired and needed a cup of coffee so I set her on the floor, I came back out and she was fast a sleep, I just couldn’t help but sit and watch how peaceful she was.

Then our spoiled little princess turned 1!

KenzieTurnsOne-(1 of 167)DSC_1367b

And while she is super cute, she is also a VERY opinionated, little trouble making stinker, who thinks she is 6+ years old like the big kids, lol.

1451946_10152053430451281_33690684_n 1466290_10152043537991281_1653776847_n

1467422_10151995767996281_1856416625_n  1525521_10152053291531281_155068613_n



The other kids have grown a ton too… everyone says ‘they grow up so fast’ but you don’t realized just how true that is until you have kids of your own!  My oldest is reading middle school level books and the 1st graders are right on his tail!  Little man started is 2 year old preschool class as well as MOPS.

601195_10152050789726281_819535012_n 1379993_10151880329881281_203338211_n2013-09-03 08.08.151505086_10152055290066281_88139532_n
528215_10151886356586281_29396201_n  999239_10152058481781281_340083448_n

Beyond kids growing up WAY to fast my crafting and sewing world has changed quite a bit!  I started off the year getting to test for a bunch of pattern designers.  I had a blast & it encouraged me to actually finish up projects AND be creative.  While I got to test a bunch of stuff for the kids by far MY favorite has been ‘The Coat’ for me.



 Then last, but definitely not least come my jump into pattern making & design.  I must say this is something I have dreamed about for years and I am still disbelief that I am actually DOING IT, and not only that but people seem to like what I am doing as well.  While I didn’t start until mid year I was able to release a variety of patterns in infant sizes newborn up through womens size 5X.  They are simple yet stylish modern clothes that people want to wear & use!

c cover copy




KenzieTurnsOne-(1 of 167)



 IMAG3227 2013-12-25 15.22.39

I look forward to 2014 and the opportunities that it will bring!

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