Saving Money Eating Out!

We don’t eat out at actual restaurants too often, but we like to once in  a while!  Anyways a few weeks ago I missed out on a awesome special, so when it came around this week I had to share! is having a special 80% off sale on the gift certificates… I don’t know how long it lasts, So I suggest checking it ASAP.

Anyways every day you can get $25 gift certificates for only $10… so with the coupon you only pay $2 for a $25 gift certificate!  You can use your credit card or paypal.  Most of them do have some special instructions, so it is important to read before purchasing.  The ones I got for an example…  they are Flyers restaurant in Oak Harbor.  You  may only use one per group per month & it is only valid with a minimum food purchase of $45 & excludes alcohol & holidays.  Many also have a minimum gratuity already included when using a gift certificate.  They are also good for one year!

So not only did I get them for only $2  but first I logged into my ebates account and typed into the search box & sure enough they offer 15% cash back on purchases through them!  You have to remember to click through the link on ebates though to get credit.  Anyways in a few days I will get another $1.20 cash back from ebates for the $8  purchase which means I will have paid $6.80 for all 4 $25 gift certificates, or $1.70 each!  So I paid $6.80 for $100 worth of good food :).

They also have $10 gift certificates that are normally $4.  You can get 4 of them for .80 each which is $3.20 and .48 back through ebates so $2.72 for $40 worth of gift certificates… They tend to have a lower minimum purchase such as $20, but some are only valid for lunch.

Anyway you look at it they make GREAT gifts!!!!  There are lots of non-chain restaurants all over the country to choose from.  For a long time I along with a lot of people thought it was a bit of a joke, but my cousin uses them all the time, so I have started to as well!

To get the 80% off you MUST use the code CHEF.  I do not know when it expires, so hurry!  Also to get the additional 15% off you MUST first log into your ebates account & search for & click through that link before purchasing to get the cash back!

Also they do allow you to go back later that day & buy more, but you may only get 4 to the same restaurant at once.

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  1. Angi Herbison
    | Reply

    Bummer, it’s already expired.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Yeah they only last a few days, but if you sign up for their emails they have codes ALL the time. Now until Oct. 4th you can use the code SHRIMP for 50% off… so $5 for $25 gift certificates, plus if you use ebates you still get the 15% off… which is .75… so $4.25 totally, not as good of a deal, but not bad either.

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