Things kids will do to protect their food!

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So yesterday Carlie wasn’t ready to eat the piece of cheese she had been given for a snack, but didn’t want Baylie to get it either, which was bound to happen if it was left on the table. So being the thinker she is she decided to stick it in one of her rainboots, and then put them on to save it for later! YUCKY! Toddler feet in the summer are dirty all the time! Anyways B stopped her mid putting the boot on & told her we don’t save our food in our shoes & she needed to through it away now. Well she must have thought he was just being mean so she took it out & tasted it… decided that buddy was right, that’s not the best place to hide it no matter how bad she didn’t want Baylie to have it!

Awe, what kids will do to protect their snacks!

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