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This morning I checked my email to see that Dawn of Two Pretty Little Skirts had awarded me the ‘Queen of ALLL Things Awe-Summ!!!’ blog award!  Dawn I am glad you love my blog & thanks so much for the award!  Making people like you happy is why I blog!

To accept and pass this award on I must list 7 awesome things about myself and then list 7 awesome people I’d like to pass this award on to.

7 awesome things about me:

1. I enjoy helping others out, even if it means losing ME time.

2. I volunteer at the local thrift shop that supports our local animal shelter 10-16hrs a week (when kiddos are with the ex)

3. I love sharing tutorials, patterns & links with others

4. I loving helping people save money& find great deals

5. I have 3 amazing kiddos 3 yrs & under including a set of twins.

6. I lost 29lbs in about 6 months & am helping others do the same!

7. I volunteer with 2 local twins clubs SNOMOMS & WhidbeyPOM to help out other moms of twins & the community!

7 bloggers I’d like to pass this onto:

1. Confessions of a Craft Addict

2. World Of Whimm/On A Whimm

3. Rostitchery

4. Olabelhe

5. The More, The Messier

6. Madaline Jane

7. Material Mama

6 Responses

  1. suburbancorrespondent
    | Reply

    Hello! Nice to meet you! But…I’m having a hard time reconciling items 2 and 5 on your list. How?

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I am divorced & my kiddos go to their dads a few days a week, so I go & volunteer while they are gone!

  2. Yvonne
    | Reply

    You are one busy woman. I give you major kudos for all that you do. Such worthwhile projects. Such a giving spirit. You are an inspiration.

  3. Dawn
    | Reply

    Wow! Thanks so much for the amazing award. I will proudly display it on my blog and pass it on to 7 more deserving bloggers.

  4. easytoentertain
    | Reply

    lol…for those who think you are one busy woman…that is a major understatement. How you do it I just don’t know but you do it so well. Now if only you busy woman would make my slings? lol…you have had the fabric for 3 months… 😀

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      You haven’t been to my house in nearly that long! I told you to come over & it would be done in about 15 minutes!

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