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Well over the last few months I have been trying to ignore it, but with the increasing talk about twittering I decided I had to at least check it out!  I always seem to get my self in trouble this way :).  Anyways I have been testing it out the last few days and have grown to really like it.  The nice thing is when I am bored or waiting in line for  a minute I can text real quick from my cell!  I can also post pictures right from my cell phone as well which is kinda cool when I am out and about.

I haven’t found many of my friends yet, but a few of my close friends I was even able to set to send their posts right to my cell phone.  So now we can keep in better touch.

Don’t have a cell phone?  Thats perfectly okay!  You can use twitter directly from your computer too!  Anyways it’s much easier & less time consuming to use then sites like My Space & Facebook which I have accounts for but never use.  The point to twitter is simple brief messages to keep your followers in the loop!

Anyways if you are interested in following me heres a link to my twitter page!  www.twitter.com/KymyEymm

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  1. mamati
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    Twittering is one bug i have not caught yet, i dont know why but i think why would anyone care what i’m upto? lol

    Anyway i am sure it wont be long before i eventually join it i am having a hard time keeping up with facebook

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