Keeping Fleece SOFT

I had a friend over the other day helping me get the twins changed.  She made a comment about their nice new soft jammies and I started to laugh… I had bought those fleece pj’s at least 5 or 6 months ago & they had been worn 1-2 times a week since!

At first she thought I was messing with her, but she finally realized I was serious.  When the girls were about 6 months old I read some where (random blog surfing) that fleece is synthetic & the fuzzy’s that make it soft melt in the heat of the dryer.  This is why a lot of fleece stuff isn’t so soft and ‘fleecy’ after a few washes.  It made sense because if you bump something hot with fleece it easily melts and gets hard and rough.  From that day I stopped putting anything fleece in the dryer.  It was too late for the fleece pj’s at the time since they had already lost their soft, but when we got new ones the next season it worked… they are  soft even months & tons of wear later!!!  The only ‘hint’ that they have really been warn is the dirty feet.

So not only do I have much softer pj’s for the kids, but mine & B’s pj bottoms & pullovers are nice & soft too.    All I do is wash as normal in cold or warm water… after they are washed I just toss them on top of my machine for a few hours & they finish air drying!  Sometimes if there is a bunch I will stick them in the dryer on extra low for 5 minutes, thats it.

Besides feeling good this has made it so I can get much more for the kids fleece clothes in resale, but it also uses far less electricity which is better for the environment & my pocket book!

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  1. Jessica
    | Reply

    Thats awesome! I was just telling my sister that I can’t stand fleece because it is so soft and lovely in the store but once I get it home to wash it it turns bad. I’ll have to share this with her 🙂

  2. Sharalee
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for posting about this!! The hand-me-down fleece jammies some friends just gave us are so rough on the inside that I won’t even use them for my 18-mo-old. Have some others, though, that I want to keep soft, I knew there was a way! 🙂

  3. Sweluni
    | Reply

    Thank you! I am making fleece cloaks and hats and want to tell people how to best take care of them.

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