Black Friday Shopping!

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That’s right, its that time of year again & yesterday the rest of the big ads finally got out!  The most anticipated being the Walmart ad which I have got to say is better then it has been the last few years.  Now I know there are a lot of different black friday sites but I only use anymore.  They constantly have the most detailed lists, by FAR best ad scans, the least amount of mistakes/errors, & an awesome shopping list tool that creates a printable sorted list for you.  The best part is they get some of their ads directly from the stores!  For example the Walmart ad was finally posted yesterday… the other sites used bad scans/ copies of leaked ads, but Bfads had the most complete & up to date ad… the one that is being printed.  They had how many more pages of items & also some prices that had changed.  (The leaked ads were leaked weeks ago while changes were still being made, they just couldn’t post or Walmart would take legal action.)

A few other stores I would love to visit, but they are too far away,  Target has a 2 screen travel dvd player for $88 that the kids would LOVE plus 1000 thread count sheets for $59.99, and JoAnns has flannel for $1.49 a yard!

Something to remember before getting caught up in the hype & sacrificing your morning to shopping… not all of the sales are super great deals… my sister works at Walmart… and some items are already at the price!  Another thing to remember is read the print by the picture.  Another Walmart example, they have Barbie & Hot Wheels Jeep Power Wheels for $88 bucks… great deal right since the barbie one on the rack is $199!  WRONG!  When you read the fine print the $88 ones is a single seater 6v that only goes 2.5 mph (the same as most the 1-2yr old ones)  That nice $199 one on the shelf is a 2 seater 12v that goes 2.5 mph AND 5 mph (approx.).  It doesn’t help that they have a 3 or 4 yr old in the picture.  Most of the 1-2 yr old power wheels retail for $50-$130.  So not quite the ‘steal’ that it first appears!

My biggest suggestion is do a little homework first… do some price checking so that you can best plan out your shopping!

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