2 Rooms Down, 8 To Go!

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I know its been almost a week since I posted about my big holiday clean up and in 6 days I only got 2 rooms really clean, but we have been out of the house a lot doing a little Christmas shopping & helping B’s parents out with their leaky roof.

The 2 rooms that I have gotten finished are the bathrooms… I forgot how long it can take to clean such a little room!  First I went through everything & filled a bag with stuff we didn’t need.  See before I moved in B did all his shopping online… which ment that everything came in bulk which normally meant by the dozen.  Well since then we have bought other stuff, mostly because I am picky & some of it just didn’t work good enough.  Anyways so we had unused toothbrushes, soaps, mouth rinse & deodorant as well as lots of lotions I was given, used once & decided I didn’t care for them as well as some cleaners that he had bought & I dislike the smell.  Plus we have replaced them & we just don’t need… so out they went.  Luckily his parents are more then happy to take it all.  A great place to get rid of your have used cleaners is your local Freecycle.  Cleaners are pricey & there have always been plenty of people willing to take them off my hands.

After pulling out all the stuff we didn’t need I then scrubbed everything down & put everything away.  Take it I only got rid of one bag of stuff… but it just feels SO nice to have everything eat off the floor clean & organized.  The house is an ex-rental built in the late 70’s that we are getting ready to repaint & resurface, so I’m not gonna share any pictures of the perma-stained tub & counter… but I will share a pretty picture of the organized cabinet!  One of the things I highly recommend is checking out the local dollar store for containers to organize everything… the bins that you see in the picture, I have some in every room & they work GREAT!

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