Pre-Holiday Clean-up!

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I don’t know who the time flew by, but it did & it is officially the Holiday season!  Amongst my lists & lists of things that I need to get done the number one thing is get my house ready & de-clutter!  Getting the house clean for me mostly has to do with de-cluttering again.  It happens twice a year ever year, luckily my kids birthdays & Christmas are 5-7 months apart!  Anyways the toys slowly creep up on my over those 5-7 months & then before any even where they will most likely be receiving lots more from friends & family I go through & get rid of the stuff they don’t play with.  The hardest thing is with the ‘Twinados’ the toys take over the entire house… honestly no matter how many or how few of them they have.

On top of this there is the sewing room/office… which, well is just that!  Sewing rooms aren’t known for staying clean & organized! lol.  So with Thanksgiving being 19 days away I have decide to focus on my big Holiday Cleaning (pretty much the same as my spring cleaning!) & have decided to blog about it for two reasons…

  • to keep me accountable & motivated
  • to share my cleaning, de-cluttering & organizing tips with others!

My biggest advice, is to take it one day at a time!  Don’t try to do it all in a one or two days… this is why I am starting so early.  I find giving rooms real good cleaning boring & tedious and have lots of stuff I rather being doing.  Though I take my cleaning one day at a time their are two things in the house that MUST be done daily.  The most important thing is the dishes… if you just suck it up & do them daily it is much easier & when you have young kids its not something you can skip on.  Then second is the laundry.  Though I don’t always take care of it the same day if there is a full hamper I wash a load!  Laundry is one of those things that can get really out of control fast.  Between the 5 of us we go through 1-2 loads a day & that doesn’t iclude bedding.

So follow me & clean with me over the next few weeks as I get my home ready for the holidays!  Have any good tips?  Leave a comment to share with all my readers.

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  1. Mel
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    I need to declutter. I have started and am making progress but my small house just gets overwhlemed so easily!

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