Liquid Laundry Detergent for $.07 A Load!

Well with 3 small children like most families we wash a lot of laundry!  Add to that me being picky about my clothes being clean & the added cost of laundry soap ads up fast!  For years I have been paying $0.22 a load for Tide at Costco (that includes the tax) & the container lasted me half as long.  Then last year I was heading towards my trusty Tide I saw a display of ECOS Magnolia & Lilies Liquid Laundry Detergent for… get this $13.79 + tax for 210oz which does 210 loads in our HE machine!!!  Not only was it cheaper & smelt great but its also better for the environment.  I brought it home being skeptical because like I said, I am VERY picky about my laundry soap and it pays off because I am able to re-sell the kids used clothes for top dollar because of their great condition.

Anyways I tried it out & immediately fell in LOVE!!!  It uses only 1 oz of detergent per load and not only did the clothes come out just as clean as with my Tide but they smelled great & were super soft.  Plus over time my twins eczema seemed to improve as well (though it could have been because of something else!) I have been using it ever since & recommend it to all my friends & family.  I actually hadn’t done the math until today to realize just how much I was saving!!!  Its $13.79 + $1.09 tax at the Costco I purchase it from… which works out to $.07 a load.  Its not as cheap elsewhere but you can get coupons from their website & places like amazon sell it for $.10 or less a load (less if you have a subscription).

One of the most important things to remember no matter what type of soap you use is to measure it out!!!  Most people use way more then is needed which can actually cause wear on your clothes from all the residue.

We go through a Costco jug every 3-4 months… 3.5-4 jugs a year or about 730 full HE loads a year.  With the Ecos soap that is costing $51.01 a year, with the tide at costco it was costing us $160.60 a year… over $100 savings a year isn’t too bad!!!

Below are some more specifics on ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent.  For more info & details you can visit the ECOS website HERE.

  • Ultra-concentrated, color safe, all-temperature detergent with built-in fabric softener, and made with naturally pure essential oils of Magnolia & Lily
  • Tough on dirt yet kind to your clothes, ECOS liquid laundry is residue-free and safe to use in standard and HE washers, and with septic and greywater systems
  • Phosphate-free, chlorine-free, enzyme-free, dye-free, and free of petroleum ingredients
  • Earth Friendly Products is a leading brand of 100% natural, plant-based, non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaners, made with renewable and cruelty-free ingredients, never tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable containers

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  1. Britt
    | Reply

    Great information! I’ll have to try it out!

  2. Liza
    | Reply

    Thanks Kymy ! I will def try it out!

  3. Summer
    | Reply

    I want to try this! Thanks for posting!

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