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This week I would like to introduce you to yet another EM mama, my friend Melissa from Rings ‘n Things on Etsy & MBDesigns Blog.  Over the past 3 years we have became very good friend who help each other out all the time.  I’m the one she knows to ask if she needs computer help & I have helped her design & set up her blog.  And even if I insist that its for a friend & not to worry about it she always ends up sending me some sort of treat! In swaps, trades & purchases I have recieve both a birds nest ring & pendent which I have fallen IN LOVE with!  She has also made me & my kiddos lots of great vinyl decor stickers from her other crafty business Say It Sticky.

Not only is her jewelry amazingly beautiful, but it is well made & AFFORDABLE!  What more can you ask for?  Also she includes great (also handmade by her) anti-tarnish pouches to store it in when its not being worn.  Perfect made in the USA gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

Below is the interview from Melissa as well as some pictures of her great work & lots of links!

Hi, my name is Melissa Brooks and I am the owner & designer of Rings ‘n Things on Etsy & the MBDesigns Blog.  I’ve been twisting and manipulating metal into jewelry since I was a little girl but only in the last three years have I started getting more serious about it. I have taken a few jewelry making classes but most of my techniques are self taught. I love wire wrapping jewelry of any kind but rings have become my passion. I use high quality sterling silver and the best gems and crystals I can find. I find inspiration for my designs in nature, I love bird nests, flowers and earthy tones.

I have always been very artistic, so getting into jewelry making seemed only natural. I have found success mostly in the satisfaction I feel when a piece is completed. Knowing that someone is completely satisfied in their purchase is the best part of what I do.  Even as a child my creative side was obvious. I would make rings and bracelets out of scraps of wood, metal and anything else I could find. I took every art class available during school and excelled. Drawing, painting, ceramics, I love it all.  As I have become more confident in my skills my metal choices have changed, I now use sterling silver or gold filled metal for all of my rings. I want my jewelry to be worn often and last.

I have a busy life, so I do have to be “creative” with my time. I only get my beads out while my two year old son is down for a nap or asleep for the night. My girls are old enough that they enjoy watching me and sometimes they even get to make a few things for themselves. My girls both have an amazing creative talent! My oldest (8 years old) loves origami and painting while my younger daughter (5 years old) loves to draw and cut paper into pretty shapes. My youngest is still so young but I’m sure in time he’ll start to show us his creative side. I’ve learned that my children are my greatest creation yet. They inspire me every single day. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have them in my life.

If you would like to see more of my work check out my etsy shop! Rings ‘n Things or my blog MBDesigns.

I love to do custom work so if you have an idea let me know, I’d love to create something original just for you!  Thanks so much!

-Melissa Brooks

Here are some of my favorites peices by Melissa… if you are interested in them simply click & it will take you to ther etsy shop for more details on the product!  All these items are $22 or less!!!

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    I love Missy’s designs and own a few myself. A wonderful value and beautiful worksmanship.

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