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Back in Feb. Kendra from contacted me about my baby legs tutorial.  Anyways they wanted to publish it in the ‘craft corner’ of their magazine that gets sent out to new & expecting Utah mamas!!!  So I refined my tutorial a bit & submitted it.  With how crazy the last few months have been around her I totally forgot to see if it had been published!!!!  Well tonight when I had a minute I decided to go & look… sure enough it was published in the April Issue!!!  Anyways you can view it here… its on page 16!

I did take some new pictures that I will be updating the current tutorial with soon, but they choose to use the original ones instead.

I was just too excited & had to share!!!!  Now I need to contact them & see if I can get 2 copies to put in the girls memory boxes!

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  1. Jeffery
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    Congratulations! Looks like a pretty good magazine. Hopefully more of your tutorials get published. Have they mentioned any interest in anything else you’ve done. Looks like neither of the links in your post work though

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