Surprise #5, Kenzie Rae!

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I know I have been MIA for a while.  I have been posting on Facebook if you follow me there.  Kenzie made her arrival 2 days late on 9/22 at 2 in the morning.  I have to say it was the smoothest of all my deliveries and honestly besides my body being DONE a few weeks before I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  It went so well we were discharged just 25.5 hours after arriving at the hospital & 22.5 hours after being admitted.

I won’t lie things have been crazy around here!  But now that the holidays are out of the way they have slowed down a bit and I am excited to get back to blogging.  Before I start posting crafty stuff I wanted to take a minute to introduce Kenzie Rae.  She was a very big surprise to say the least!  We were using multiple forms of proper birth control which apparently all failed.  Her middle name Rae is in honor of my grandpa Ray who passed away suddenly right around when she was concieved so we were still in shock and mourning when we got the news.  As unexpected as she may have been she has been SUCH a blessing and we can’t imagine life with out her.  She has been much more easy going like my older 3 (that toddler is a firecracker, lol) which has been nice, but we are still working on finding our grove.  She sleeps better then any of my kids & is the first one I have been able to 100% breastfeed which has been very exciting as well as much cheaper. lol

Time for the cute squishy goodness!

Just 4 hours old!

20 hours old and heading home already!  Wearing the crochet head band I made to match her gymboree pj’s.  This actually wasn’t what I planned to have her in, but I hadn’t planned on going home at 10pm after having her at 2am!

11 & 12 days old!

1 month old & in another mama made crochet headband…

7 weeks old and in the skirted leggings mama made and the cute flower aunt Jessy made 🙂

2 Months

And more recently, 3 months old!  She enjoys the lights and music of the holidays almost as much as she enjoys watching her 4 siblings spoil her 😉  She loves to smile.

Finally one of my favorite pictures ever!  Mama was tired and needed a cup of coffee so I set her on the floor, I came back out and she was fast a sleep, I just couldn’t help but sit and watch how peaceful she was.

I am sad that she is my last (I am having surgery this week to take care of that, lol) but at the same time so excited to enjoy theses firsts and last and look forward to moving onto the next stages of our lives!

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  1. Berta D (@1Phenomenal1)
    | Reply

    Congrats on the beautiful one. It is a different stage, there is some sadness yes. But you can look at her with new eyes knowing never again will these experiences pass you. Wishing you best.

  2. Pam Pike
    | Reply

    She is beautiful, so precious!!

    | Reply

    congrats she is lovely 🙂

  4. Angie
    | Reply

    She is adorable!! Love these pictures. Our last one was a girl and she is now five. 🙂 So sad but its neat to see her being so independent too. 🙂

  5. Laurie
    | Reply

    She’s gorgeous! Seeing her makes me want another baby as mine is already 17 mo. old. 🙁 BUT this mama is done as well and hubs got himself fixed. ha! Rock on, mama.

  6. Kelly
    | Reply

    My daughters were 9 and 11 and my husband’s vasectomy was 2 when our son was born! We named him Matthew which means “Gift from God”. We couldn’t find a name that meant “Suprise!!!” Enjoy your beautiful girl!

  7. Nancy
    | Reply

    She is adorable! I can see you are busy…. but I’m looking forward to seeing your new projects! Congratulations

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