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Well if you follow my blog you probably have been waiting for pictures of my wedding dress because I was supposed to getting married on Monday.  Well it is mostly finished but I am going to take my time because we decided to push the wedding back a couple of weeks. Brian was so crazy with work stuff and afraid we would have to push it back due to that stuff that he waited until the last minute to tell his dad to ask for the day off.

WELL his dad is a driver for a small company that delivers medical equipment… one of only 2 drivers.  The other driver asked for the weekend off first SO B’s dad has to be the on call driver & when ever he try’s to do anything when he is on call he gets 20 calls.  What’s the point of having a small personal family wedding when half of the family can’t be there?

One advantage to having such a small wedding is that it is easy to reschedule :).  SO we are going to push it back about 3 weeks.  I still have to talk to my cousin (she is the one marrying us) to make sure it will work for her, but we are hoping to get married on our 2 year anniversary which is the 27th.  Have our nice small ceremony in the early afternoon followed by some football!

It also gives me a little time for all of the last minute ideas I have had the last few days & haven’t had the time to find what I was looking for 🙂

Just thought I would share the news because I am sure you are all wondering what the heck is going on!  On the plus side I have a really clean house & plan on enjoying it before we have people over to mess it all up.

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    I am glad I saw this! I will note it on my scheduler since you probably still want some help that day… = ) Jenna

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