31.8 lbs lost, only 8.2 to go!

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Well this morning I got on the scale & got a big surprise… 131.2!!!  As of date I am 31.8 lbs down & have 8.2 lbs to go to reach my new goal of 123!  Originally my goal was 125… but I figured why not loose another 2 lbs & make it a 40lb loss!   I currently weight the almost 5lbs less then I did when I got prego with the twins, and almost 3lbs less then my 2 week post twins weight :) which wasn’t bad at 134.

Want to know ‘my secret’ aka how I am doing it?  You can read the post from this summer that explained what I was doing to loose weight & the free links to join me! http://everythingyourmamamade.com/2008/06/24/my-weightloss/

Anyways I started last summer & lost 26lbs by the holidays.  I decided with all the stress of the holidays to take a break & focus on not gaining.  Well I did good because 7 months later I was still maintaining my weight loss!  Actually I didn’t gain any weight until Baylie got sick & I spent a week on the couch. So 4 weeks ago I decided it was time to get back to it… If I am going to make a wedding dress I might as well work to make the body that is going to wear it as good as I can too! (one regret from my first wedding was not trying to get in better shape before buying a dress)

4 weeks ago when I weighted in I was 138.5 after my week on the couch.  My first week was HORRIBLE, I didn’t even loose a whole lb!  I have never had such a horrible week & SO wanted to give up… it sucked watching everyone else eat all the yummy junk food that I wanted, but I knew I just couldn’t have yet.  I decided to stick it out for another 1.5 weeks until ‘Aunt Flow’ came & go from there.  Well that made me through it, well along with remembering that the no added sugar fudgecicles are only 1 WW point/70 calories!   So 4 weeks later I am down 7.3 lbs which is nice.  Not as fast as I have been able to get weight off in the past BUT this was the first time I was eating relatively okay before I started focusing on it.

I think the biggest thing I have gotten from this is that WW really is a life style change… even after I lost the weight the information I learned I was able to continue to apply & be aware of which allowed me to keep the weight off.  I can’t wait to get back to maintenance mode!

The best part?  The scale isn’t the only thing with results 🙂 Since I started last summer  I have went from a size 12 to a loose size 6 (juniors 5’s fit best).  Then there are the inches…  I have lost 30″ of my whole body total, including 9.5″ off my waist alone!

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  1. Donna
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    That’s great that you have lost that much!! It feels good doesn’t it! I’m down 45 lbs and matt is down 60 lbs I’ve hit my limit for now i’m trying to get to 140 I’m at 153 right now. Getting closer but it’s going slow with the hot weather!! I get lazy in the ac . Good luck with the last of your weight loss!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I thought you looked like you lost a bunch of weight in some of your recent pictures, but it was hard to tell since they just show your face. I had lost 26 before & kept it off until the divorce. I feel good right now, but am so close it sucks!!!

  2. celebrityglobestyle
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    Gr8 job!

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