My Baby Boy Turned 4 Today!

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I can’t believe I am actually posting this, but my baby boy turned 4 today!  That’s right, Zander was born just a few hours shy of exactly 4 years ago!  At this point I had been in labor with a broken water for 12 hours & they finally realized that he was stuck… trying to come out with his nose facing my leg, not down like it should or up like it sometimes does.

Anyways it’s amazing to see just how much he has grown in even just the last year.  He goes to preschool now (and LOVES it) & loves to have full conversations & discussions with everyone.  He loves to tell stories & takes great pride into going into detail.  He is SUCH a big helper… when ever I am working on something he is more then willing to help and he LOVES his little sisters.  He plays with them all the time & watches over them too.

So what does such an awesome little guys deserve for his birthday?  A new ‘dirt bike’ & awesome pirate party of course!  The pirate party isn’t until this weekend & I still need to make Zander a pirate outfit that is appropriate for 95 degree weather.  But this morning when he got up we told him happy birthday & had his present sitting out with ballons waiting for him!  I went to get the tonka bike that online said they have in stock just to find they were out when I got there.  But the guy said we have a 12″ like this one… pointing at the 16″ dirt bike style bike that I have been saying for months I wished they made in a 12″.   I told him I would take it & that was that.  It only took me a little while to put it together, but it was SO worth it!  He has been riding or pushing it around every where he goes in the house!  After we eat we are going to head up to grandma’s house to test it out!

Time for a few pictures!  He was so excited he didn’t even want to get dressed first! lol

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