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I was just visiting a blog called Vively Online and she has this great meme that I thought would be fun to do as well!  I don’t do these all the time, but this one was fun way to share sites that you frequently visit.

What is a meme you ask? You can read all about it here.  But the basics is someone posts a list of questions with answers, then someone else copies & does the same but changing the answers to apply to them, and it continues on.

What you do is to type in the letter on your browser’s URL line, and see what website shows up!

Here is my potentially embarrassing list:

A – Amazon I do like free prime shipping 🙂

B – Bable Fish … I have a lot of foreign craft sites that I visit & those that blog about mine!

C – Craigslist Oh how I do love to buy & sell on CL!  And it ROCKS during garage sale season. I wish everything so awesome was free!

D – Dictionary.com boring!

E – Everything Your Mama Made & More! Surprise, surprise!

F – Facebook I have been using this alot more lately but taking a break from Farmtown!

G – Gymboree I window shop a LOT when I am bored!

H – You Can Make This ~ Apparently I don’t use the letter H often, but I do LOVE their patterns!

I – iGoogle My homepage of course!  Were I have blog reader set up so I check out all my favorites daily!

J – Jalie The have some of the best sewing patterns EVER.

K – Gmail my emails both start with a K.

L – Freecycle I LOVE this site!

M- Mint awesome FREE money and bugeting software that is similar to quicken.  It has won a ton of rewards & is an awesome way to track your spending all in one place.

N – Newegg best place to find computer stuff!

O – Ottobre Design The best & most affordable kids patterns EVER!

P – Photobucket I do love pictures!

Q – Craigslist again… I said I really liked it!

R – Retail Me Not the best place to find shopping online discount & coupon codes.

S – Sewing Mamas A bunch of AWESOME mamas that share my love of sewing!

T – Twitter A great way to share little things when I don’t have to blog about it.

U –  USPS gotta chack those tracking numbers 🙂

V – Vonage great extremely affordable unlimited long distance phone service!

W – Weather.com boring again, I know.

X – Mamas Chatterbox a very small mama forum that I belong to.

Y – You Can Make This again, I have a blog post coming up with some dresses from one of their patterns!

Z –  Zales ?

Well I guess my list was a big mix of everything!  Mostly boring practical stuff.  I read all my favorite blogs through igoogle so I am not typing there address in all the time, otherwise I am sure there would have been a lot more!

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