Zander graduated from 3yr preschool!

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Today Zander’s 3-4 yr old preschool class had a graduation program.  It’s not as formal or as big as the big Pre-K graduation, but it still makes a mommy proud!  They sang some songs for us & Zander was quiet & more focused on the movements most of the time… then they got to the ABC’s!  He was belting it louder then all the other kids together.  I was so proud, he is generally a the quieter, shy kid, but he knows his ABC’s & he was PROUD!  Anyways the teachers gave them all a class picture & a book about ABC’s to read this summer before preschool starts back up in the fall. I figured I would share a couple of pics…



AND I got him signed him up for Pre-K next fall, plus the girls got signed up for the once a week 2 yr old program!  The best part?  It is the same day of the week & time as Zander is in Pre-K.  What is mommy gonna do :).

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    that is so cute! I bet you can’t wait until next year having all three of them in school at the same time!

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