I can’t believe my baby girls are almost 2!!!

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Yesterday I put the bubble machine out for the kids to play with before they went to their dads. I decided to grab my camera & snap a few pics because I have bad about that lately. I seriously can’t believe how fast they have grown up the last few months. I saw little girls playing in the yard, not my babies! For some perspective I have pictures from last year & 2 years ago as well. I just can’t believe my baby girls are looking so much like little girls!!! I think their hair has a lot to do with it, I didn’t feel like this with Zander until he was going on 3… but the hair makes a difference!  Heck even the difference in the last 6 months is crazy!


Baylie w/ Purple,  Carlie w/ Pink


Baylie w/ Purple,  Carlie w/ Pink


Carlie w/ Pink, Baylie w/ Blue,

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    First of all I LOVE those dresses! Second I am right with you. I think part of it with me is seeing Sammi right next to Chloe and realizing how big my baby is! It doesn’t help that she is as big as most 3 year olds!!! I can’t wait for their birthday! I think I can make at least part of it, will let you know for positive very soon, just have to get that weeks schedule!

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