Time For Change!

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So last summer my friend Kylie who I went to school with & has been cutting my hair for years moved to the east coast 🙁 and I haven’t had my hair cut since.  Last time she cut it I had her cut it pretty short so it had grown a lot.  I have been meaning to go get it cut for a few months now, but until the last few weeks it had been tolerable.   Then in the last couple weeks I started having flash backs of the pain I suffered in 2nd grade, memories of sitting on hair & having my head yanked back.  Though I wasn’t sitting on my hair this time it still managed to get caught between my back & the chair all the time.  Between that and the hassle of trying to brush it multiple times a day which I am way to busy to do I said screw it & made an appointment!

I went in & told William to cut it off!  My only requests were that it be long enough that I could still pull the bulk of it up into a ponytail & that it has some sort of layers in it because I am WAY to lazy to flat iron my hair everyday.  It was down to the middle of my back (past my boobs in front) so he cut off about 8″ just with the initial cut to take off most of the length.  He did an awesome job & it felt so good to be able to move my head freely again!  I thought about donating to Locks of Love again, but I just couldn’t handle my hair that short right now, and at the same time couldn’t handle growing it out any more.

Anyways they aren’t great pictures, but heres the before & after!

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  1. sillydreamer
    | Reply

    You look wonderful!

  2. Danielle
    | Reply

    What a great cut. I think you look great!

  3. Jen
    | Reply

    It looks great on you kymy!

  4. easytoentertain
    | Reply

    that is so cute! ok…now you have to cut my hair for me again…its not nearly as long as yours is…but i want it short again!

  5. Melonee
    | Reply

    You look fantastic! Love the cut!

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