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Sorry, its not a sewing post today :(.  Well I haven’t blogged in a little while because I have been a little distracted!  I have decided that I have started to let my self go again & have just been feeling like crud!  So last week I started watching what I was eating & exercising more.  Then half way through the week I started using my SparkPeople food journal to calculate my weight watchers points (this is done with this tool).  Anyways I am already starting to have lots more energy & just feel lots better!  I must be doing something right because I lost 9.4lbs in 8 days!

A little of the back story on my weight issues…. when I got prego with my first son I had some extra weight on me… 144 & only 5’3″.  I managed to only gain 23lbs & with in a few months of having him I was back down to 146!  But holiday depression & relationship issues hit me all at once & it showed.  On Christmas I had family over & I had to wear an over sized T & PJ’s cause that’s all that fit.  I weighted myself the next day & I was 157 which was the most I ever weighted not being prego.  So that week I decided it was time for a change!  The 2nd week of Jan 2006 I joined the Weight Watchers on-line program.  Though I did not increase my activity levels simply watching what I ate, & my portion sizes I lost 21 lbs in time for a family wedding April 1st.  By May I was down to 128…. I had lost 29lbs in 4.5 months!!  I went from a snug size 12 to a well fitting size 6!!! I felt GREAT & kept it off with out trying because I had changed my eating habits.

Then in Sept 2006 I got prego again, this time with the twins. The month they were conceived I had gained back 10lbs in just over 3 weeks.  I was 137 to start my pregnancy… I gained a total of 35lbs… topping out at 172.  I gave birth to my ID twin girls at 34w5d & they were 5.9 & 5.11!!!  With-in a week of being home I was back at 140 & 3 weeks after the girls were born I was down to 134 (-3lb pre-prego) & back in my size 6’s!!!

3 months later I left my husband… its something that should have happened probably before we got prego the 2nd time (though I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world!)  I gained 20lbs in just a few weeks… that’s for anyone, let alone someone at 5’3″.  As one of my neighbors who went through 2 divorce’s in her lifetime… one not her choice & one her choice…  when you get really happy a lot of people gain weight.  I discovered my love to cook & eat all over again!

So by the Christmas of 2007 I was up to my all time high, not prego… 163.  The first few weeks of January I found & started using SparkPeople for their food journal & then used that info with a free points calculator to track my WW points again.  In just over a month I lost 16lbs.  I was feeling better but got distracted & stopped keeping a food journal (big no-no)  though I kept most of the weight off in the last few weeks with the stress of a whiny ex & trying to just get the stuff DONE I managed to gain back a chunk of what I had lost & kept off.

So on Sunday I weighted myself in at 156 (slightly bloated from AF) 8 days later, yesterday I weighted in at 146.6!  Not only am I tracking & watching what I am eating but I am also getting out & playing tennis every other day or so.  It is SUCH good cardio & so much easier & funner then riding a bike or jogging.

So I am a total of 16.4lb down, 21.6lbs to go to reach my goal of 125!

With all that being said I am gonna be sewing this week & promise I will blog again soon!  I highly recommend the SparkPeople website, tools, groups & community.  If you are interested in using the weight watchers points system you can calculate how many points you get here & use this tool with the spark people food journal to calculate your points!  Remember it is important to use all your set points, but you may only use up to 4 activity points a day though it is good to earn more then that.

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