His & Her’s Hoodie & Hooded Vest (XS-5XL)

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His & Her’s Asymmetrical Hoodie & Hooded Vest is a modern and trendy, yet practical, hooded sweatshirt with clean lines and an asymmetrical zipper and optional pockets. Not only is it comfortable but it is a wardrobe staple. The garment works with a variety of fabrics and uses a separating zipper, which is the easiest of all zippers in my opinion. This is mom and dad’s version of the Zander’s Hoodie & Hooded Vest for youth. This pattern includes 11 total adult sizes including womens XS-5X and mens XS-5XL.

You can use a variety of fabrics for the outer shell including sweatshirt fleece, french terry, fleece, velour, or thick interlock, it just needs at least a small amount of stretch.  The body of this garment is lined and for the lining you can use any lightweight knit fabric.  Another option is to use a rib knit for the cuffs and bottom band instead of the outer/main fabric.




  • Womens: XS-5X
  • Mens: XS-5XL
  • See chart for more detailed sizing information & measurements.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate




Make sure to read the directions BEFORE printing off all the pages.

This pattern is includes an ebook .pdf file with 16 pages of directions including 2 pages at the end with more detailed directions for attaching the lining to the main outer shell. As well as 119 professional digitized pages that you assemble to make the full sizes pieces. (51-68) pages per view and includes a print chart so you only print what you need.

EYMM His and Hers Hoodie XS-5XL_Page_1 EYMM His and Hers Hoodie XS-5XL_Page_2

H&H hoodie size chart



4 reviews for His & Her’s Hoodie & Hooded Vest (XS-5XL)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tibeca (verified owner)

    I made this pattern for myself and made ZERO modifications to the pattern. This is a pretty big deal since I ALWAYS need a full bust adjustment. I’ve worn my hoodie nearly every day since I made it back in November. Why not every day? Because I do have to wash it sometimes. 😉 If you’re looking for something funky then this is definitely the hoodie for you. Let me add that you really need to follow the instructions carefully or you’ll end up having to pick out stitches. Due to the assymetrical zipper you need to do things in a very specific order for it all to sit nice and neat.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Judith (verified owner)

    I would like to know how many yards of fabric are needed to sew this pattern. Thanks!

    • kymy

      2-3.5 yards for the main portion and 1.75-2.5 yards for the lining depending on the size. I am uploading the fabric requirements to the product listing now ;).

      • Judith (verified owner)

        Thanks a lot! 😀

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Everyone loves this pattern, and I get requests all the time to make it for men mostly. I chose not to use kangaroo pockets, as I hate how things usually fall out when I wear/use kangaroos. I used a welt pocket template I love, enlarged it a bit, and used thread chains to hold it in place without actually seeing any stitching.

    Everyone’s obsessed with the asymmetrical zip, and I’d like to make it an exposed zip. Not sure how I’d do that, but I’d love to.

    I use chunky, overpriced Riri zips for these jackets. I love shabby chic, and I love seeing a unique hoodie with the “Cadillac of zippers” featured in the center. I’m making my husband another one, since I now have the Babylock Cover Stitch, rather than twin needles while topstitching the ribbing go the jacket.

    The only thing I wish is this came in black & white, and had a copy shop version. I’m gonna email Kym to see if she has that available. The hardest part is putting together the pattern, then picking out fabrics. I liesurely made the rest of the jacket in 5hrs, including TV breaks!

    • kymy

      I am working on creating a copy shop file, the only reason I had not in the past was because it will take more then 1 36″x 48″ (or A0) pages and until the last year it wasn’t affordable enough for most of my customers. But it is on the list ;).

      For an exposed zipper what you you sewed it with out a zipper and then sew the zipper on at the end and put some sort of decorative pieces on the top edge of the zipper tape If you have to cut one? Like a little leather patch etc.

  4. Adela (verified owner)

    Hi there,
    I am just about to order fabric and get started. I am just little confused as we don’t have inches but cm here in Czech. So just a quick question – when you say that for the size G is needed 60″ fabric – 2,75 – does that mean 2,75 metres? We have the fabrics a little wider, about 66″ but that should not make much of a difference as it is not that much, right?
    Thank you very very much!

    • kymy

      Sorry I am just now seeing this! Hopefully you got your answer already, but as long as it’s 60″ OR wider you should be fine if you have the amount listed.

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