FREE Make it Maternity Add-On


This simple little universal add-on is a one-size-fits-most solution to help you turn your favorite top, tunic and dress patterns into a maternity-friendly wardrobe.  When I was pregnant with #4 and #5, I decided to skip the expensive or unflattering maternity clothes currently in stores and wear regular tops and dresses that were either fitted and stretchy or flowy.  The only problem was near the end they were all getting to short!  So I used this method to make some longer maternity clothes that I could easily trim and re-hem into regular tops when I was done having babies.

This is a tutorial add-on that is 2 pages and includes just 2 small pieces.  The 2 included pieces are used to alter the paper pattern piece of almost any pattern that’s front piece is cut on a fold.


*Free EYMM downloads do require you create a free account to log-in and download the files for file security.  This also allows us to send out any updates that are made.  Sorry for the inconvenience.*


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